Welcome to Human Touch Massage and Energy Healing!

Welcome to people of all ages from pre-birth to end stages of life.

Human Touch Massage is located in Redmond, OR and caters to all of Central Oregon including
Redmond, Bend, Sisters, Prineville, Madras and just about any place you can think of in Central

Human Touch Massage therapy practice includes those folks who just want to relax, to those with acute or chronic injuries, prescription clients (those who suffer from illness to motor vehicle accident victims), and those who just want to stay well.

I have 28+ years of massage therapy experience and invite you to call and make an appointment with me to soothe aching muscles.

The popular massage therapy techniques that I offer are as follows:

  • Swedish
  • Reiki
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy healing
  • Reflexology

I also incorporate other modalities in each session as they are needed by the client.

I have 4 1/2 years of training in Energy Healing, and am now part of the graduate program of the Bear McKay School of Energy Healing in Bozeman, MT.  Energy healing addresses issues of body, mind and spirit in a nurturing atmosphere.  It is not a 'quick fix" like taking an aspirin for a headache; rather, over time, one begins to have a sense of general well being, life issues seem less stressful and emotional wounds and scars can be released, with grace and love.  I recommend this simple, but profound, treatment for wellness and calm in our world of high tech, high stress, and high overloads of disconnect in a busy society.

If you would like to know more about these techniques, you can read more...


Molly has been a big life saver over the years. Wouldn't trade her for anything.
 - L.R

Molly is great. I would recommend her to anyone.
 - S.P.

Molly is a blessing in my life. She has given me back my mobility and therefore, dignity.
 - S.G.

Molly, you're such a blessing to all you touch. you have made such a difference in helping me be in less pain and more mobile. Thank you for your wonderful touch.
  - D.S.

My muscle manipulator...open-minded and opening mine! Laughter that's lifting and lilting...loving of those around...yes, a dear friend.
 - J.

My muscles walked in tense and sore...now they are leaving relaxed and much happier. Thanks!
 - D.

An injured bird came in the door. Molly the Healer worked her magic and the bird flew away once more. Thank you.
 - D.

Of all of the different things I have tried to relieve 30 years of back pain due to a really bad accident, Molly is the only solution I have found to really work. I look forward to each and every visit knowing how much better I'm going to feel when it is done.
 - A.B.

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